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Smith Farm Pure Honey

Where Life Is Sweet

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Welcome to Smith Farm Pure Honey -
Where life is sweet!
We are dedicated to non-chemical beekeeping -
as natural as possible.
Our girls live as they do in the wild -
in wooden surroudings, with wax comb foundation


Smith Farm Promotes:
  • Beekeeping through public education
  • Buying Local Product
  • Educating consumers on the use of honey and hive products (beeswax, propolis, apitherapy, etc)
  • Integrated pest management systems in the apiary

Five years in a row,

Smith Farm Pure Honey is a prize winning honey at the

Greene County Ohio Fair!


Honored by Ohio State Beekeepers as:

Beekeeper of the Year for 2013


Need Honey Recipes?  I am posting new ones weekly at:!/OhioStateBeekeepers




Check out these great pictures and a few quotes!